luni, 9 octombrie 2017

Dating multiple women

Starting dating multiple women can be a challenging experience for every man. You will have to be fully present in a moment and radiate with calm confidence. You will constantly need to push your comfort zones in order to learn more about the world that surrounds you. First thing you should know about dating multiple women is that you can do this without being a dick.
Most women won`t date a man who`s seeing other women. Although if the man is opened with the women and explains them that he is only looking for casual relationships, this way of dating can actually work out pretty good.
You should tell the woman you are dating that you are only looking for a casual relationship. She should know that you are dating with multiple women and this is why you have to tell her. If it is difficult to bring this up, you should think that it is a great thing to be honest. You should always be honest and upfront about your intensions really early in any relationship.

Women seem to react in different way when you tell them that you are dating with other women too. They usually act with indifference, but they may be the situation when the women may be confused. Confusion usually comes up when women have different ideas of a relationship. It is a good idea to bring up the conversation before you have sex with a woman.
 This will let the woman the time to take the decision if it is worth to continue the relationship with you or she should finish the relationship right away. If you care about the woman you are seeing, you should take care of the human connection. You have to enjoy the time that you are spending with the woman next to you.
You should focus on enjoying the personality of other people. You should always respect their decision and you will have to communicate with your partner. Don`t go with the blind trust, because this trust won`t work. You should tell her that you enjoy spending time with her. If you want to date multiple women, you will need to show them that you like them more like a person. Maintaining relationships with 2-3 women at a time can be a great activity. You will soon find out though that you won`t have enough time to invest in each of them.

vineri, 4 august 2017

The most frequent grounds of quarrel found

In a modern couple and not only that, the fights are longer than normal, even if the reasons are more or less consistent. I don't think there is a suitable recipe to not show the fights in a couple relationship and it doesn't seem anything out of the ordinary to go through a fight, as long as the relationship is meant to be a serious and long-lasting. The most important aspect, when it comes to the quarrels between the two partners, is that the reasons that led to this rupture to solve it and not pass over a scandal bigger or smaller without discussing the reason.

A few of the reasons why go to fight in a couple:

1. Jealousy
Even if it is an aspect that should be solved since the beginning of the relationship, jealousy occurs when one of the partners has too little faith in itself and cannot be avoided until the confidence in itself and in the partner next to you is not full.

2. The monotony
In a couple of long duration, monotony occurs when partners forget to have some fun but get into a daily circuit that make them look the joys of real life. Be inventive and don't hesitate to have fun, to go out more often, to organize excursions or to go just where you see with your eyes in a day that does not announce anything.

3. Infidelity
Most of the times, one of the partners can not resist the temptation and choose to cheat on your partner, even for one night. Of here to become a habit is not a long road, and such respect for the partner gradually decreases until it reaches a point where the relationship can't be continued in any way.

The list can be continued with more points from which it can produce quarrels, these are only the most important and common.